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The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

-Dolly Parton




Keisha Soleil is a singer-songwriter, poet, producer, healer and audio/video engineer, born in Columbus, Ohio. Soleil channels her sound aesthetic from the soul, giving a genre-less creation that lends its flavor from music birthed by Black Americans of the Diaspora and Caribbean. 

Soleil, who grew up singing and writing music in her grandmother’s church, has since gone on to receive various regional and national accolades for her voice and pen. In 2012, Soleil was a winner of the Columbus Bicentennial Artist and Songwriter’s competition. The winning track, “In My Town”, by Ceezar featuring Keisha Soleil was featured on the Celebrate Columbus in Song 200th anniversary soundtrack. In 2014, Keisha was featured on producer J. Rawl’s (known for his work with Blackstar, Mos Def and Talib Kweli) album, The Legacy. In 2016, Soleil co-founded and headlined the Free the People Concert Series in Columbus, Ohio. Soleil is also known for her musical composition in the film Down South, which was nominated for Best Short Film by the Vienna Independent Film Festival 2017. Soleil captured the attention of five-time Grammy award winning artist Noel Paul Stookey when she entered and received the prize for the 2017 Rubicon Music for Changing Times songwriting competition in Ventura, California.  In 2018, Soleil recorded demos that were used for artists Rihanna and Tamar Braxton and lent her voice to background vocals for producer Kevin Salem. Later in 2018, Soleil not only featured in her own Amazon movie, At Home with Keisha Soleil, but also received recognition in the Columbus Harlem Renaissance 100 Artist Spotlight. 

Soleil uses her voice and vision as a means to decolonize life as we know it. As quoted by,, “her method of storytelling invites her audience to reexamine truth and explore how they fit into this puzzle that is the [collective] narrative.” Soleil's expression is haunting and deep, but always manages to stir the listener's soul and embrace the hearts of all who share in her energy.


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